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Shining Over You

Something I wrote circa 2006-2007.

Still relevant to this day.


No matter what, I’m always here
Now and then
Awake through all the moons

I’ve now begun to hearThe unheard, unrelenting silence in my ears
Please let me tell you ..
The grass is tall enough for you to sleep onFeel within it’s comfort, like you’re in safe arms

Hear the breeze’s calming lullaby
Listen to the wisdom of the sky
And the gentle whispers of mother earth

These feuding feelings no longer contained
Left, a burning
Right, a yearning

No matter how far away your heart is,
I’ll be glad to reveal the truth
For the truth and our perseverance in friendship
Are shining over you

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Noted, Dearly Noted

There is a subdued reaction in you that..
I can’t be able to mimic
It’s something sweetly strange,
Which I find endearing in a human being
There’s the slightest hint of anger
With a hint of peace
Blended with patience and focus
Into a stare which I can’t seem to read

All hallows, friend
All is dear, dear friend

In your silence and stare, I bid you
Good tidings and fare thee well

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The First Firth..

The path is clear towards the coveted mark of victory, but the road is visibly full of dangers. Though no eyes can see the meandering detours that usually befell those inept or forlorn enough to lose their way. The course laid down long before those who would propel themselves into this journey started their first steps. And so with gods and men, the folk of four; three maidens and a tough hermit tread and trek towards their goal. While the sheep remain inside their pen, they walk under the cover of earliest morning, slighting the slowly waking sun. Though many times they’ve seen the way to leave, their seated and accompanying mentors pray and guide their way.

The trees, the sky, the lily fair..
The trees, the sky, the lily fair..
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A macguffin in the form of a stray banknote has found its way onto my desk today
and I caught a glimpse of a world which I have held at arms length

It is something of strife and yet of value
It is a sphere of the ever present animals of interaction
And it is in itself, an ever-present telescreen

With its coming, I realise
and feel,

that time has been flowing through me like soft breezes of air which will later turn to gust
that life and its experiences are not carved by fate’s hands nor are they threads of maidens
that truth is a multilateral entity, given unique meaning by each unique individual

and most importantly,
that I have betrayed my own resolve..

Which I currently hold more than before

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Please help me, I can’t swim

A note at 2 am in the morning;
“I’m leaving myself to chance”

I know I’m alone in the world
Nobody knows me
Not a soul
Not mine

Even friends are aliens

~This space is reserved for dreams~
Dreams, that begin at the expense of the previous

It is true

The dream is true

The dream is due

..gelap, gelap, lelap

I find myself estranged in a cloud
Losing patience and will at the same time
Yet my most dominant sense survives
My sense of curiosity

Curiosity, my pussy
My undeterred, unsheathed,

pusatkan dirimu padaku

Because I love you

As I am you

and my dream

I’m dreaming of me
As me, as you
As the flowers and clouds

Then I see me,
Meeting Ms. Grammar
A miss most missus
Amiss, her thistles
Thisling her whistles

And whistling her wishes

Some wish I share
And some I actually bear

Then I see me
Looking down the table
And a slit
A slit of a skirt
A hint of a bird
It seems a bird in a skirt

A pale, blue bird
Nesting its herd
in a skirt

Then I look up
And I see a uniform
A unicorn in uniform
With long white hair
And beautiful eyes

At first, she glances
Then she dances

And then I join her

So we dance
And we shall dance
and dance,
and prance
into a trance

A trance of transverses
Traversing travesties
Travesties traverse me
They verse me adversities
And adverts, artworks
Artsy breezy, travesties of adverse me

And then in a whirl

I faint..

Dawn breaks,
The night departs into the sunder
I say goodbye to haven
My respite from common sorrows

Now off to dawn and daybreak
My breaks, mistakes and heartshakes

Oh my bads, plus heartbreaks

Then I find myself
Talking to the wall
A wall of appalling gall,
plus bitterness and droll

He’s a round-faced wall
A kind wall
Which inverses
What I’ve versed
In the previous verse

How redundant!

So the wall said;
“Let’s be tall!”

And so I become
A short person
With a tall heart

Which means,
it’s bottom is a long way down




Please help me, I can’t swim