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A More Weighted Equilibrium

A well-rounded view of the world might be unattainable for every man. Additionally, every person has their own unique worldview that is made up from cumulative knowledge and experience. This makes society a vast cobweb of unique personal viewpoints stringed together by means of communication.

Come Rawls to once again suggest a streamlining process. This time in the form of another equilibrium.

I say; great.

Now if only the limbic system would be more accommodative.. or is it already?
I call upon you: Neuro-linguistic programming!

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Dystopia, anyone?


I’ve recently watched Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. That film has numerous little layers of ideas that adds to the world. Little details such as Rube Goldberg machineries, ducts and cables underneath metal panels, and stamp-signature ridden bureaucracy makes effectively creates a world which suspends my disbelief. It was brilliant.

The movie is another entry in my collection of movies depicting dystopian futures, probable glimpses of tomorrow’s societies which are ridden with piling imperfection which are made in the attempt to cure other imperfections.

And so, it is official: I’m fascinated with dystopia!
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