Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 21 March 2011


Will you be brave and look into my eyes, shapely?
When darkest doe of your eyes, wide enough to swallow the stars

A million shaded truth, not presupposed, but prefixed without harm
Seem to ignite a desire without rage, and a passion without end

How alight and adrift, my words like waterfall
And my mind alike in wanderlust

So it flutters
My mind, it flutters

Now my kinesthetics seem to fail me,
As I can only hear a fluttering of notes
Desperate enough in scale and without harmony
Yet just enough to flutter my senses

And then it asks,
Yes, my mind, it asks;
Is this a cantata or a sonata?
An amalgamation of words without sound,
Or is it the sound of words without song?

Alas, objectivity is out of reach
It merely shapes modalities stringent on faculties

What psychodynamics seeks to cure
Psychosomatics somehow endures

In this instance,
Will you touch me, shapely?

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 11 October 2010

Full Moon’s Half Full

It’s three-thirty and the night’s nearing it’s close
The wounded wing has almost healed and the bird breathes a relief
It’s a sparrow, narrow, like twisting halls, passages between walls
As the felled marble is overshadowed by a sinewy hand
Resolve is not far from mind

This is not a complete picture
No, not yet

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 19 September 2010

Jotted Down For All Its Worth

On one night, one lonely night, my ears hum and I can hear a distant tune in my mind
It’s faint but clear enough to make me sit down and write
A mishmash of words, hopefully clear and coherent enough
Stringed together by a faint idea
Felt I had to jot it down, nonetheless

I know what’s in your mind amidst this starry silence
I know that you and I have dreamt the same dream
I know which way you face when you wake in the morning
And I know the things you dreamt of in you wildest fantasies

But you know it’s hard for me to let go of desire
You know how much I love to dance out with my heart
I know you know how much I hold on to my passions
And I know you want me to be without them for awhile

Please trust me when I say, that I commit without a doubt
Though not every part of me will move in unison

In losing self control I finally find my truth
But in my countenance I find my happiness

Without a blink the doves flap their wings and fly
Without a tear I accept my faults and learn to fight

For all its worth, I still have my lifetime

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 13 September 2010


Every once in awhile you discover new people (both famous and not) and be smitten by them.

While smitten, one would feel a sense of euphoria; a feeling of intense happiness induced by stimulation which incites chemical reactions within the body.

Looking fit with an oversized helmet

At this particular time, the source of much euphoric pleasure is one Kathryn Prescott.

Very lovely in her appearance as Emily Fitch in Skins.

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Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 12 September 2010

Skynet Became Self-Aware and Declared Planet Earth as Numberwang

Please, remain indoors and chow down your food parcels while you watch this programme.

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 20 July 2010

Infinite Universes, Her and Me

Here I am,
Again at two ah, am
Missing punctuations, missing interludes
While waiting for torrents
I spout out masturbatory truth

It’s not profound, not even allegorical
It’s the diminutive of cowardice
But also a lump of courage

I’m speaking in riddles!

When the cat is both alive and dead
There’s also dread and care

When I am grammatically right,
My words and dramatically wrong
But when I’m grammatically wrong,
Love’s somehow dramatically right

While like and love are on the same side of the coin
The toss uncovers hate and disdain

While I’m millimitres away from truth
Presence is hampered by considerable distance

While I’m glad another me is in loving embrace
The other me is lowly without reprieve

So how do I do,
When the infinite stares back at me?

Everett, Wheeler, Nemo and the Cat
How I love and loathe you all

And how I love, like, dislike, and hate her at the same time
While waiting for the crunch

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 4 July 2010

Mister Svperstar Delivers a Diatribe

I recently discovered videos of Marilyn Manson delivering a speech (more of a diatribe) about violence and blame.

What he said in those videos, are the philosophical contents of his three main albums: Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death).

For one familiar with the subject matter of those albums and the philosophical discourses about it, his speech might be passé. There’s a feeling of “heard that before”. But the thing about Manson is that (his artistic genius notwhithstanding) Manson never really offer us a solution. Much unlike Nietzche who offered us the overman.

That being said, I think he’s living inside his own world. When Dita von Teese wanted him to get out of it, it created a clash so mentally devastating that we got Eat Me, Drink Me out of it.

With Evan Rachel Wood, I think he’s dragging her into his world. Which is why their relationship still exist. Albeit on and off.

Manson is the intellectual artist who’ll never be a true intellectual. But he’s one god-awesome artist.

Now if he’ll only move on to Huxley..

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 2 January 2010

Best Piece of News In 2009.. well, not really

Once upon a time, I was browsing for news. Some old news, some new news.  Whatever. Just browsing for news of the year. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon something quite.. intriguing.

Asahan News had a headline on maria Ozawa’s failure to visit Indonesia. What’s interesting isn’t so much the story. It was rather the picture attached to the headline; I know how Maria Ozawa looks like and I can definitely say that girl on the headline picture is not her. She’s a lot… cuter.

And so I clicked on the link to the story.. (details if you click for more)

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Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 19 December 2009

Das Anderen Der Lieben.. an anglophone’s thoughts on it

A good film is a film you’d want to see over and over again even knowing the ending: having something  which spoilers won’t be able to break. Or preferably, several things; leitmotifs, throughlines, ideas, information, and ultimately, meaning.

It has been a long time since I last viewed an all-encompassing film which is not only entertaining, but also has a well rounded story full of layers that ran a wide gamut which all are ultimately resolved. It has been a quite a long time until I saw a masterpiece such as Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Das Leben Der Anderen, or “The Lives of Others”.

I won’t write about the film’s plot summary as it will spoil the pleasure viewing this magnificent piece of cinematic storytelling and unplucking every hair of its rich story by yourself. However, I will stress that this film is a film which will fulfill the viewer’s need to search for every little speck of meaning from a film.

I’ll just let the International Film Club clue you into the narrative:

Posted by: Adhi Anugroho | 14 November 2009

Noted, Dearly Noted

There is a subdued reaction in you that..
I can’t be able to mimic
It’s something sweetly strange,
Which I find endearing in a human being
There’s the slightest hint of anger
With a hint of peace
Blended with patience and focus
Into a stare which I can’t seem to read

All hallows, friend
All is dear, dear friend

In your silence and stare, I bid you
Good tidings and fare thee well

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