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Tippingly Typing Typos!

Ah… what a lovely morning it is; warm coffee, butter croissant, newspapers, and the realisation that I’ve written another typo in a wordpress comment.

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Best Piece of News In 2009.. well, not really

Once upon a time, I was browsing for news. Some old news, some new news.  Whatever. Just browsing for news of the year. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon something quite.. intriguing.

Asahan News had a headline on maria Ozawa’s failure to visit Indonesia. What’s interesting isn’t so much the story. It was rather the picture attached to the headline; I know how Maria Ozawa looks like and I can definitely say that girl on the headline picture is not her. She’s a lot… cuter.

And so I clicked on the link to the story.. (details if you click for more)

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The First Firth..

The path is clear towards the coveted mark of victory, but the road is visibly full of dangers. Though no eyes can see the meandering detours that usually befell those inept or forlorn enough to lose their way. The course laid down long before those who would propel themselves into this journey started their first steps. And so with gods and men, the folk of four; three maidens and a tough hermit tread and trek towards their goal. While the sheep remain inside their pen, they walk under the cover of earliest morning, slighting the slowly waking sun. Though many times they’ve seen the way to leave, their seated and accompanying mentors pray and guide their way.

The trees, the sky, the lily fair..
The trees, the sky, the lily fair..
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Siti Nurbaya’s Had Enough

Art and life have always held a close relationship short of full intercourse. However, there’s an undeniable imitative relationship between the two which often result in confounding outcomes.

Simply put, when life imitates art, it can result in irony.

Marah Rusli once penned a feudal tale of forced marriage where one Siti Nurbaya was to unwillingly marry a rich old fart named Datuk Maringgih. The plot behind the marriage was a simple case of a fathers debt which can only be abolished through his loving daughter’s marriage. The rock in the road comes in the form of Siti’s love for a dashing and age-appropriate man. Not being in a society that allows a ménage à trois, what entailed was a tragic drama of heartbreak and harsh lives.

Siti Nurbaya novel by Marah Rusli

This tale from Minangkabau went on to inspire a philosophically stirring song in the 1990s. The group that created it was called a god, and the song title takes its name from the female protagonist who inspired it.

The group was Dewa 19 and the song is Cukup Sudah Siti Nurbaya.

Loose lyrical translation by me:

    • Oh,
    • Still exist, shackles in the corridors of love
    • Absorbing now, into the walls of time
    • Trying, trying to corrode the human instinct
    • Cheap agitation reappearing
    • Please nullify, and look away

How true the world blurs one logic
As if our lives are valued into currency
Listen to men sharpened by philosophy
When they proclaim; ’tis no dogma

Say to dear mama
That love is neither treasure nor throne
And please ensure them all
That only love could calm the world

not that, Mama

not that, Papa

’tis enough that Siti Nurbaya tasted this sour world
For my life, yours, and everyone’s
Are not as strings that predestine our paths
Listen to men sharpened by philosophy
When they proclaim; ’tis no dogma

Not that, Mama
Not that, Papa

Sounds profound, doesn’t it?

The video tells the tale of a vagrant daughter contemplating life and society after being forcibly betrothed to a snobby, fat, and presumably rich socialite. In a bout of innocent rage, the daughter decries this decision and decides to pack up her things and make a life of her own, only to see the appalling ills of the world which shatters her resolve, driving her to return into the loving arms of her mother. Seeing the errors of their way, the parents decided to break the betrothal (modernly known as an engagement).

What’s highly peculiar is the tale of the heroine of the music video; Bianca Adinegoro.

After one fallout of a marriage, Bianca went on to marry a rich bureaucrat and became a socialite herself. Perhaps in an ironic twist in comparison with the life that befell Siti Nurbaya.

Socialites: Bianca Luthfie (née Adinegoro), Cynthia Risjad, Gaby Bakrie

Recently, I revisited my bookshelf and picked up my dusty copy of Marah Rusli’s most acclaimed tome.  After careful re-reading, what I found amused me.

In truth, Siti Nurbaya’s father, Baginda Sulaiman, was the one who refused Datuk Maringgih’s marriage proposal to Siti. It was Siti herself who wanted to marry him in order to abolish her father’s odious debts. Maringgih himself has promised to erase all debts in the event of his marriage to Siti.

Although more preculiarly, it was Datuk Maringgih’s plan from the start to burn all of Sulaiman’s boats, trapping him into mounting debt. A debt which could only be repaid by his daughter’s marriage.

Moral of the story?

Look behind the lines!

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Bio what?

About a month ago, I drearily sat down on my Stuhl in front of my desk which had my wonderous lappy on it. Dreary indeed. And I happen to come upon-not in the sexual sense-an article of sorts (more precisely, a blog article) on the subject of biorhythm (not Bioshock, mind you). And in three comments forward, I was invited to jot down an article on the subject.


So what the cockameneybullcrap is biorhythm?

Funny enough, it’s something which I sort of liked and believed in not too long ago. Though it wasn’t on my mind for most of the time, I did remember playing a few of those funny fortune-telling programs which predicts your future through what I now know as biorhythm.

With renewed interest, I put on my sanitary gloves, goggles, and decided to cut and dissect this subspecies of augural forecasting to see what makes it tick and tock and jump all around.

Professor Wikipedia sweepingly describes Biorhythm as a hypothetical cycle in physiological, emotional, or intellectual well-being or prowess. “Bio” pertains to life and “rhythm” pertains to the flow of regular movement.

So the concept is that each person has these cycles pertaining to one aspect of himself. And these cycles affect his or her “well-being” or prowess. Ah, but herein lies the questions; how do these rhythms flow and why is it hypothetical?

In the endeavour to answer the question regarding flow, I found an explanation by Jackie Stahl of which is as follows;

“our physical biorhythm cycle completes one life cycle in 23 days. Our emotional biorhythm cycle lasts 8 days, and our intellectual biorhythm cycle lasts 33 days. At mid point and end point in each cycle, they sharply move back to zero point and change polarity. The day a cycle changes polarity is called a transition day (also called a critical day, or caution day).”

Biorhythm Pictures, Images and Photos
Meandering like a river.

Alrighty. So based on that explanation, I can be an emotional Übermensch one day, be on an untergang for 28 days until I reach the abyss on the 28th, and vice versa afterwards only to hit the plateau and repeat the whole thing again ad nauseam. Now ain’t life grand?

And isn’t that a bit fatalistic? Or rather, is it absolutely fatalistic?

I would be so inclined to think that the concept that everything is predestined is an affront to the concept of choice. However, in examining the wavelike concept of biorhythm, we’d have to really understand what cheese is being put through the grater. What is being measured are not external events that cause us to have shitty or jubilant days, but rather the biological cycles of muscle tissue, brain cells, hormones, and other nitty gritties of the human body.

Meaning, when the state of your hormones, muscles, brain activity and whatnot are not in tip-top shape, your head will be so far up in your arse that you won’t be able to smell the aroma of a lovely cake.

Well, that’s too bad. I was hoping things would get interesting and tread into Nietzsche territory.

nietzsche!! Pictures, Images and Photos
Eternal recurrence