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The Span of A Day

24 hours is the length of time established by the Creator as the course of one day. No more, no less. Exact and precise. Deemed enough to withhold the myriad of human activities; the hustle and bustle, the malaise and malady, the pomp and circumstance of individuals, groups, societies, countries, and nations.

16 hours is the approximate time when a human is awake. Deemed enough to pray, work, eat, laugh, love, be merry, be aghast, be sad, be human.

12 hours is the mark of midday and midnight. A time when tides change from ebb to flow, and from flow to ebb. The time of absolute light and heat, also a time of absolute darkness and frost.

8 hours is a third of day. The first of which spent in mortal pursuits; wealth, desire, survival-bathed in the waters of possibility and clothed in the fabric of immediacy. The second of which spent in either leisure or endeavour-within the comfort of hearth and home, or the vigour of industry. The last of which is a time for sleep which silence paves way for dreams-also a time best spent preparing for a journey which trancends time itself; a return, a homecoming, a wish for home.

2,5 hours is the estimate amount of time dedicated to five series of worship, each centered on obligations set forth by the Owner of human lives; starting from a call, leading to exaltation, moving to servitude, settling down to remembrance, then perhaps, invocation.

1 hour is a span of 60 minutes, demarcating the greater events of a whole 24-be it for productivity, proclivity, leisure, or perhaps cacophony; each a vessel for a destination.

30 minutes is a time could be well spent for lovemaking; perhaps the summation of romance or arguably, the pinnacle of lust. Enough said.

15 minutes is a time better spent making a good cup of coffee, perhaps accompanied by toffee or pastries-whichever strikes your fancy.

3 minutes is the time spent each night to read a concatenation consisting of several surahs, verses, remembrances and prayer before the closing of yes and surrender to the Life Bringer.

I’m tired, but I’ve not given up hope.
May my next 24 hours be an improvement over my previous.


Note: This writing is inspired by a CouchSurfing Writers Club meeting which theme was “Hari”, under the umbrella theme of “Waktu”.

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Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: I just want to tell you, I’m the one who was supposed to take care of everything. I’m the one who was supposed to make everything okay for everybody. It just didn’t work out like that. And I left. I left you. You never did anything wrong. I used to try to forget about you. I used to try to pretend that you didn’t exist, but I can’t. You’re my girl. You’re my little girl. And now, I’m an old broken down piece of meat. . .and I’m alone. And I deserve to be all alone. I just don’t want you to hate me. [beat] Okay?

I feel the train of my life is passing me by
And the breeze of future’s past hits me while I’m standing on the platform
All those pieces of history that didn’t happen,
Memories that are puzzle pieces of saintly dreams

It’s only human that we make mistakes
It’s only human that she hates me

But it’s not stupid to think that I could change
It’s better than walking away

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Speak Through Silence

I see your face a thousand times
Every moment; both inches and miles
Each moment I speak to your shadow
Sowing empty words to the breathless void

There’s a tingle and a chime,
But we hold our sparks down

I know you’ve played this game so many times before
And you’ve been gentle, as it’s my debut
But in the ruinous firefight that is love
My base has already burnt down

As my soul speaks with a thousand words
My mouth clenches without a sound

When languages could not convey our emotions,
Let ourselves be still and speak through silence

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Shining Over You

Something I wrote circa 2006-2007.

Still relevant to this day.


No matter what, I’m always here
Now and then
Awake through all the moons

I’ve now begun to hearThe unheard, unrelenting silence in my ears
Please let me tell you ..
The grass is tall enough for you to sleep onFeel within it’s comfort, like you’re in safe arms

Hear the breeze’s calming lullaby
Listen to the wisdom of the sky
And the gentle whispers of mother earth

These feuding feelings no longer contained
Left, a burning
Right, a yearning

No matter how far away your heart is,
I’ll be glad to reveal the truth
For the truth and our perseverance in friendship
Are shining over you

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Will you be brave and look into my eyes, shapely?
When darkest doe of your eyes, wide enough to swallow the stars

A million shaded truth, not presupposed, but prefixed without harm
Seem to ignite a desire without rage, and a passion without end

How alight and adrift, my words like waterfall
And my mind alike in wanderlust

So it flutters
My mind, it flutters

Now my kinesthetics seem to fail me,
As I can only hear a fluttering of notes
Desperate enough in scale and without harmony
Yet just enough to flutter my senses

And then it asks,
Yes, my mind, it asks;
Is this a cantata or a sonata?
An amalgamation of words without sound,
Or is it the sound of words without song?

Alas, objectivity is out of reach
It merely shapes modalities stringent on faculties

What psychodynamics seeks to cure
Psychosomatics somehow endures

In this instance,
Will you touch me, shapely?

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Full Moon’s Half Full

It’s three-thirty and the night’s nearing it’s close
The wounded wing has almost healed and the bird breathes a relief
It’s a sparrow, narrow, like twisting halls, passages between walls
As the felled marble is overshadowed by a sinewy hand
Resolve is not far from mind

This is not a complete picture
No, not yet

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Jotted Down For All Its Worth

On one night, one lonely night, my ears hum and I can hear a distant tune in my mind
It’s faint but clear enough to make me sit down and write
A mishmash of words, hopefully clear and coherent enough
Stringed together by a faint idea
Felt I had to jot it down, nonetheless

I know what’s in your mind amidst this starry silence
I know that you and I have dreamt the same dream
I know which way you face when you wake in the morning
And I know the things you dreamt of in you wildest fantasies

But you know it’s hard for me to let go of desire
You know how much I love to dance out with my heart
I know you know how much I hold on to my passions
And I know you want me to be without them for awhile

Please trust me when I say, that I commit without a doubt
Though not every part of me will move in unison

In losing self control I finally find my truth
But in my countenance I find my happiness

Without a blink the doves flap their wings and fly
Without a tear I accept my faults and learn to fight

For all its worth, I still have my lifetime