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Reverse Culture Shock

My wife told me that reverse culture shock is a thing and that it comes in increments instead of a single moment.

As with most things, I agree with her.

Being back is not without its challenges. And while America is far from being heaven on earth for the likes of me, I keep encountering little Indonesian things that made me appreciate the things I grew accustomed to in the States.

That being said, I won’t list them in this blog post. Not only do I not do lists, but listing them would be exhausting. I might name a couple of things off the top of my mind, but moments later, I’m sure the list would expand… again and again. So I’ll just let the idea sit.

I’ve also come to see that there are vast similarities between Indonesians and Americans. Both peoples can come to the same attitude, though for different reasons. For instance, a lack of concern for climate change can come from denialism, or from the simple notion of, “I’m too busy surviving to care about the environment.” Both arriving at a similar outlook, but coming from different needs and pressures.


Perhaps one of these days I might do a list.

This blog post is a result of waiting in lines while not having mobile internet. As with my previous post (which I wrote while in the air and posted after landing in Japan), it’ll be quite apparent that I wrote this while being bored out of my mind waiting in line someplace.

I suspect that this will be my pattern for some time.


I write as a hobby.

2 thoughts on “Reverse Culture Shock

  1. I never thought about reverse culture shock before, but it makes sense.
    It it’s interesting how Americans and Indonesians are similar

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