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Jotted Down For All Its Worth

On one night, one lonely night, my ears hum and I can hear a distant tune in my mind
It’s faint but clear enough to make me sit down and write
A mishmash of words, hopefully clear and coherent enough
Stringed together by a faint idea
Felt I had to jot it down, nonetheless

I know what’s in your mind amidst this starry silence
I know that you and I have dreamt the same dream
I know which way you face when you wake in the morning
And I know the things you dreamt of in you wildest fantasies

But you know it’s hard for me to let go of desire
You know how much I love to dance out with my heart
I know you know how much I hold on to my passions
And I know you want me to be without them for awhile

Please trust me when I say, that I commit without a doubt
Though not every part of me will move in unison

In losing self control I finally find my truth
But in my countenance I find my happiness

Without a blink the doves flap their wings and fly
Without a tear I accept my faults and learn to fight

For all its worth, I still have my lifetime



This is my old account.

One thought on “Jotted Down For All Its Worth

  1. Mas ada email aku kirim ke nughx[at] tolng di periksa saya sngat mengharapkan bantuan nya please 🙂 and hapy bloggi for you my friend.

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