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Infinite Universes, Her and Me

Here I am,
Again at two ah, am
Missing punctuations, missing interludes
While waiting for torrents
I spout out masturbatory truth

It’s not profound, not even allegorical
It’s the diminutive of cowardice
But also a lump of courage

I’m speaking in riddles!

When the cat is both alive and dead
There’s also dread and care

When I am grammatically right,
My words and dramatically wrong
But when I’m grammatically wrong,
Love’s somehow dramatically right

While like and love are on the same side of the coin
The toss uncovers hate and disdain

While I’m millimitres away from truth
Presence is hampered by considerable distance

While I’m glad another me is in loving embrace
The other me is lowly without reprieve

So how do I do,
When the infinite stares back at me?

Everett, Wheeler, Nemo and the Cat
How I love and loathe you all

And how I love, like, dislike, and hate her at the same time
While waiting for the crunch



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