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Best Piece of News In 2009.. well, not really

Once upon a time, I was browsing for news. Some old news, some new news.  Whatever. Just browsing for news of the year. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon something quite.. intriguing.

Asahan News had a headline on maria Ozawa’s failure to visit Indonesia. What’s interesting isn’t so much the story. It was rather the picture attached to the headline; I know how Maria Ozawa looks like and I can definitely say that girl on the headline picture is not her. She’s a lot… cuter.

And so I clicked on the link to the story.. (details if you click for more)

So I clicked the link and was welcomed with this:

Yes, whoever added these photos couldn’t tell the difference between a member of the Hello! Project and a JAV Actress. My distress is lessened after I scrolled down and discovered that someone else was also as acutely aware as I am:

Happines is knowing that there’s a pun to this… 😀

The girl in the photo is Natsuyaki Miyabi, a member of the ever fabricated J-Pop empire of Hello! Project. It’s quite hard to believe she’s only 17. But then again, some of the girls I’ve been coaching are about the same age or older and they do look a bit older than their age.

Nevertheless, Natsuyaki Miyabi is pretty. Her rectangular jawline and mature-looking eyes are the stuff of dreams. Well, at least physically.

As a closer, I present you the first photo that got me interested:

Now go ahead and google her up or something. I’ve not seen any fapworthy pictures of her, though. :p



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