Posted by: callighan | 11 September 2009

Eat, and Be Merry

I like to eat.

I also like to read.

And I definitely like to read when I eat.

Wall of Text

Wall of Text

But most most of all, I like to pay as I wish.



  1. While read and eat, why not peek at this site

    Hehe… stomach full, head full.


  2. Mmm.. I wonder that the specs of those lappies are. And I wonder about the price too. 😀

  3. Selamat malam mas saya mengundang mas membaca artikel ini sebagai ucapan terimakasih karena telah membantu saya jadi kelik saja tautan ini:

    Melamar jadi publsher google adsense dengan operamini

  4. Funny I never could do that… read while eating.

    Met lebaran bro.
    Maap hardware software.

    • Wah, same-same bro!

      Ctrl-alt-Del untuk reset ke zero state dan mulai dengan fresh. 🙂

  5. Who is in the above pic?

    • Some random customers who happened to eat while I was there.
      If you ever go to Vienna, be sure to eat at Pay As You Wish which near the University of Vienna’s Juridicum Building, which is a short walk from Schottentor station.
      It’s cheap, it’s got rice (which is a bit hard to find in Vienna), and it’s spicy (also a rarity in Austria). 🙂

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