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Bio what?

About a month ago, I drearily sat down on my Stuhl in front of my desk which had my wonderous lappy on it. Dreary indeed. And I happen to come upon-not in the sexual sense-an article of sorts (more precisely, a blog article) on the subject of biorhythm (not Bioshock, mind you). And in three comments forward, I was invited to jot down an article on the subject.


So what the cockameneybullcrap is biorhythm?

Funny enough, it’s something which I sort of liked and believed in not too long ago. Though it wasn’t on my mind for most of the time, I did remember playing a few of those funny fortune-telling programs which predicts your future through what I now know as biorhythm.

With renewed interest, I put on my sanitary gloves, goggles, and decided to cut and dissect this subspecies of augural forecasting to see what makes it tick and tock and jump all around.

Professor Wikipedia sweepingly describes Biorhythm as a hypothetical cycle in physiological, emotional, or intellectual well-being or prowess. “Bio” pertains to life and “rhythm” pertains to the flow of regular movement.

So the concept is that each person has these cycles pertaining to one aspect of himself. And these cycles affect his or her “well-being” or prowess. Ah, but herein lies the questions; how do these rhythms flow and why is it hypothetical?

In the endeavour to answer the question regarding flow, I found an explanation by Jackie Stahl of which is as follows;

“our physical biorhythm cycle completes one life cycle in 23 days. Our emotional biorhythm cycle lasts 8 days, and our intellectual biorhythm cycle lasts 33 days. At mid point and end point in each cycle, they sharply move back to zero point and change polarity. The day a cycle changes polarity is called a transition day (also called a critical day, or caution day).”

Biorhythm Pictures, Images and Photos
Meandering like a river.

Alrighty. So based on that explanation, I can be an emotional Übermensch one day, be on an untergang for 28 days until I reach the abyss on the 28th, and vice versa afterwards only to hit the plateau and repeat the whole thing again ad nauseam. Now ain’t life grand?

And isn’t that a bit fatalistic? Or rather, is it absolutely fatalistic?

I would be so inclined to think that the concept that everything is predestined is an affront to the concept of choice. However, in examining the wavelike concept of biorhythm, we’d have to really understand what cheese is being put through the grater. What is being measured are not external events that cause us to have shitty or jubilant days, but rather the biological cycles of muscle tissue, brain cells, hormones, and other nitty gritties of the human body.

Meaning, when the state of your hormones, muscles, brain activity and whatnot are not in tip-top shape, your head will be so far up in your arse that you won’t be able to smell the aroma of a lovely cake.

Well, that’s too bad. I was hoping things would get interesting and tread into Nietzsche territory.

nietzsche!! Pictures, Images and Photos
Eternal recurrence


This is my old account.

8 thoughts on “Bio what?

  1. Thanks for this article.
    I just know about biorhythm.
    I wonder how it work?
    What i now, our moon revolution influence our physiology and emotion indirectly.
    Same case with animal like a frog.

  2. Yo Nus!
    Biorhythm is supposed to be this sort of mood cycle which everybody has. Theorhetically, its the cyclical state of emotion and physical well-being affects your productivity.

    Now the moon is wholly different ballgame. I may have to look into that.

    Thank you, Zons. Your blog have some nifty pictures too. And more entertaining too. 🙂

    1. But, i think that the period constanta of each paramater may change or shift.
      If can believe that our biologycal process affect our emotional and “soul”, and vice versa.
      It like a woman when menstruate, that woman emotional will in unstable state.
      But in my “thought”, i think that a group people live in one area, breath the air which nearly same with others, have a unique cultural, etc, but…how it only depend on birth date?

  3. That birthdate reliance is something I’ll write about in another article.
    But as far as I’ve read, it’s based on observation. It seems that it has been observed that people born at different times have different cycle.

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