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Bing.. go!

ing is here!
No, it’s not the bastard sibling of ping (or pong for that matter). It’s a search engine from Microsoft. Nowadays, stuff made by Microsoft usually generate more sighs than shines from the general public (remember the Ms. Dewey debacle?). But I thought I’m going to give it the benefit of doubt and check it out.

So I tried it using my favourite keyword: porn.

Suffice to say, the results were dissapointingly clean.

And then I noticed on the right top corner, it says “Indonesia”. I figured bing is detecting my IP address and set default search parameters to local content. Pretty wise in terms of marketing, methinks. This’ll help microsoft to buddy-up with governments’ differing internet policies. Perhaps folks in China will get censor-friendly search results. On that thought, let me give it a try.

No surprises there.

Right. So what will happen if I search a porn star instead of porn itself. Come along Jena Haze (It’s supposed to be Jenna, but I mistyped it)!

Lo and behold… results in Indonesia:

It works. Mm… what if I look her images up?

Interesting. Pretty much SFW (safe for work) results. Tame.

Not surprisingly, US search results are a bit different. But on default US settings, it still reeks of SFW search results.

Right. Let’s turn 90 degrees and direct searches on lesser controversial searches. Or not.
New search word: Behemoth!

I had this goat awesome metal band in mind when I wrote the search. But let’s see what other curios the cat will pull out of the bag, shall we?

Spot on. Nergal be proud.
What’s great, is that Behemoth shows up with Indonesia set as the region. Good thing metal isn’t banned down here. Perhaps somewhere else it’s banned. Or perhaps not. But I’m not going to dive into that.

To top things off my current twiddle, I decided to check out the image search settings on the left. I set up “behemoth” as the image search term, set it to black&white, wide, and illustration.
What I got was mostly black and white Behemoth logos:

What’s different from Google image search is that Bing gives these options up front, instead of Google’s advanced image search, which is on a different page that I have to click to. Though arguably, Google Image Search advanced settings are a lot more detailed.

Another small-ish feature that Bing has is the image display option which allows you to change between small thumbnails, bigger thumbnails, et cetera.

Well that’s neat. Not revolutionary, but neat nonetheless.

Will I stick to Google? Perhaps. I lean on Bing  a bit Because it delivers streaming porn better.

Oh yes. Bing allows users to search for streaming porn vids right away. It’s not available by default, though. And no, I’m not gonna write how to do it. That information is available everywhere else on the web.

Tarra a bit for now.



This is my old account.

9 thoughts on “Bing.. go!

  1. I instinctively type in “try this activation code”
    I… I uh….
    I don’t know what’s got in to me…

  2. Haha… have you been using Windows 7?

    There’s been a buzz about its RTM. OEMs around august and the general public on September or October.

  3. Naa gitu dunk pake translate kan muda di pahami,oy,kmu kan pande bhs.inggris kenapa kaga ngeblog aja di blogspot,biar bisa dipasang adsense

  4. Mampir aja nh,sayangnya aku tidak begitu faham dengan isi artikel di atas,padahal aku sudah baca dengan teliti,ah mungkin aku masih terlalu awam.oy,sekali-kali mampir juga ke blog aku yang wordpress punya ya,tapi jangan kasih komen pakai bhs.inggris ya 😀

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