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The Fox’s New Hide


Megan fox is a man.

I shave regularly...
I shave regularly...


So I snooped using the almighty Go.. eh, Google and came up with a video.

So that is the culprit.

Lo and behold, the celebrity press digs deep:

Here’s a report from They reported that her original name is Mitchell Reed Fox. And that he had an interest in preforming and women’s clothing from an early age.

People definitely take things out of context and put a fictitious spin on things, don’t they?

I would be thrilled if she used to have a dick. Transexuals turn me on more than real women. But I digress on the matter of Ms. Fox.

In any case, she’s a visually stunning lady.

I did say lady, right?


This is my old account.

5 thoughts on “The Fox’s New Hide

  1. mr, mrs, ms? he is a really beautiful lady, is she? is he? me, a bit confused… i had once wearing a mini skirt long time ago, brrr, so awful look! never again.

  2. ’tis a joke on the celebrity culture.
    Megan Fox is surely a woman. The celebrity press and most of the world mistook what she said in that little interview with Giulliana.

    As I happen to like gender benders, I naturally ran with the idea and posted this one just for laughs.

  3. Was fun to watch the turbulence in a fan site though…
    MUa hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahaha

    Nice place you got bro…
    *looking around in awe*

  4. Dankeschon Herr Bootsector!
    Do come as often as you like.

    This place may not change background as often as your place. But it’s oh quite cozy.

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