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The King’s Feet


Once in ever so while a male gets ever so intoxicated by a female which can lead to obsession. Although obsessions are passions of the mind, it can border into fits of adrenaline and heart-tugging sighs of just *aaah*.

And this time, it is instigated by both a strikingly humble personality and fret-masturbation skills par excellence. Suffice to say I’m currently infatuated by a god. More precisely, a goddess.

So the story goes that once upon a musical discussion, someone (read: a nice 17 year old kid) dropped a bomb the size of a mammoth which humbly fell down like a feather sifting through the wind which finally finds itself in the palm of my heart’s hand.

If you dare ask, why the HyPerBole?

I dare you to play with pink noise…

Funny enough, her stage nom de guerre roughly translates to Indonesian as “The King’s Feet”.

Such are the antics of one Katherine Elizabeth King, popularly known as Kaki King.



This is my old account.

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