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Please help me, I can’t swim

A note at 2 am in the morning;
“I’m leaving myself to chance”

I know I’m alone in the world
Nobody knows me
Not a soul
Not mine

Even friends are aliens

~This space is reserved for dreams~
Dreams, that begin at the expense of the previous

It is true

The dream is true

The dream is due

..gelap, gelap, lelap

I find myself estranged in a cloud
Losing patience and will at the same time
Yet my most dominant sense survives
My sense of curiosity

Curiosity, my pussy
My undeterred, unsheathed,

pusatkan dirimu padaku

Because I love you

As I am you

and my dream

I’m dreaming of me
As me, as you
As the flowers and clouds

Then I see me,
Meeting Ms. Grammar
A miss most missus
Amiss, her thistles
Thisling her whistles

And whistling her wishes

Some wish I share
And some I actually bear

Then I see me
Looking down the table
And a slit
A slit of a skirt
A hint of a bird
It seems a bird in a skirt

A pale, blue bird
Nesting its herd
in a skirt

Then I look up
And I see a uniform
A unicorn in uniform
With long white hair
And beautiful eyes

At first, she glances
Then she dances

And then I join her

So we dance
And we shall dance
and dance,
and prance
into a trance

A trance of transverses
Traversing travesties
Travesties traverse me
They verse me adversities
And adverts, artworks
Artsy breezy, travesties of adverse me

And then in a whirl

I faint..

Dawn breaks,
The night departs into the sunder
I say goodbye to haven
My respite from common sorrows

Now off to dawn and daybreak
My breaks, mistakes and heartshakes

Oh my bads, plus heartbreaks

Then I find myself
Talking to the wall
A wall of appalling gall,
plus bitterness and droll

He’s a round-faced wall
A kind wall
Which inverses
What I’ve versed
In the previous verse

How redundant!

So the wall said;
“Let’s be tall!”

And so I become
A short person
With a tall heart

Which means,
it’s bottom is a long way down




Please help me, I can’t swim



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