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In this hand-crafted spring of banality and failure, comes a tragically short tale of the uncreative sort.

Though it is rather, sensual.

A tit, a nipple clam, and a chick en fetish
Et tu Na?

You too, Na?

Is it you who’s sitting at the edge of that bed?

The curves, hair, and skin resemble you.
And the smell. Your smell intoxicates the air with every silent whiff.
I know it’s you, dear Na.

So please, if you could be so kind as to lend your ear to my question.


I’m only intrigued. That’s all.

And also stirred.



This is my old account.

3 thoughts on “Nani?

  1. Nani, ‘what’ in Japanese? posted as poetry but seen as a good economic commodity to the eye of an entrepreneur… ‘what’ kind of smell for to stirr and intrigue? just curiosity…

  2. Don’t take this too seriously, Sir.
    This is nothing but an erotic muse of mine. Rather a protestation, an announcement that this blog will not shy away from erotic content but not as deep as blatant pornography.

    Perhaps also a bit shy from being economic commodity.

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