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Two Girls Of The Same Coin,

A dosage of Reality and Dream

Now please, focus. I know you have the capacity to pull yourself together for a minute.
So please, go do that.
Now, take a deep, deep breathy-breath. Go, go breathe with senility and the silly-dillies of humility. Your breath says a lot about who you are, really. Now once you’ve taken a breath, take my hand. Don’t let go.

I understand that you are attractive and you pull me out into the waking world. With equal amounts of care and vigilance, you make sure that I become the person of strength that I am now. As you had done to me, I will do to you in your most difficult times.

Two Girls of The Same Coin
Two Girls of The Same Coin

As you well know, Reality is a bitch. She’s a two-sided, backstabbing, close-headed, hot-blodded, arse-kicking, blonde brunnette, and red-haired bitch. I know you think you love her. But trust me. Trust me as a friend of a lifetime-over 22 full human years, that it’s not love. It’s an obsession-just as I had an obsession over dearest Dream.

Now a good dose of Dream balances an overdose of Reality. But be careful, the amount must be right. You only have to take a coffee-spoon of Reality, and be sure to lace it with hot white cum and fidelity-laced sugar cubes for healthy posterity. And no, you don’t need to keep it fresh. Just keep light but tight.

Oh, don’t go trippingly on the touch. That’ll be too much trouble for your-usually not too troublesome-self. Now after you took the dose, doze off and dream. Doze and dream yourself until you reach the gates of placidity and knock on it. Knock on it four times and not twice. Five times are too much and three is just short of a blow um, job. Six is definitely not sexy, so just knock and knock it until she opens her door.

When she does, you’ll be in a world of her. So a word before you enter her world; Luci.

Luci is your friend. She’ll keep you company when you are in Dream’s company. Oh now, three’s not a company for it’s not even three. Luci is there but she won’t exactly be there. She’ll be close within holding distance, yet too far from sighting distance. But in all her seemingly unseeable glory, Luci is your friend. And she will be such until Vivid comes to her side and takes her on a trip. A trip which whisks you away from Dream’s abode and back to Reality’s road.

When that happens, don’t forget to tip the ferryman.

Now let go my hand and off you go. You’ll be safe. We promise.



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