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To Be Nice (Or Not To Be)

And so I was spending a lovely night at the lobby of a great faculty building when all of a sudden the monitor darkened. It was a telltale of the adaptor being unplugged. I swung my head to the left and noticed this woman, innocently unplugging the table’s power plug. Seeing this, I reacted.

In my head I was somehow annoyed, regarding that the top of the table has clear “power socket here” signs which points to the power sockets that are available under the table-approximately one and a half feet from each other. So I asked her to plug the main power plug back and plug her laptop at a table socket instead.

My words came out thunderous. Maybe I did it out of annoyance or maybe its just me. I have a low annoyance threshold. But I am nice at heart and I’m also quite accomodating. So naturally, I felt bad for doing so.

In the end, she became annoyed and I got my power back.

I know I should be happy. And I am happy. It’s just that it bugs me everytime I do this-whether inadvertently or not. I put being nice to other people as priority that’s near to the top of my priorities list.

Or maybe being a goody two-shoes is an unhealthy aspiration.



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