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O Brave New World!

Once upon an everyman’s time, exists a webspace that glows with substantial HDR lighting which creates a hyperbolic foreground item amidst the confusing background of splatters and noise. And in this webspace doth the everyman harbour his thoughts and to some extent, his consciousness.

For all of you who have stumbled upon this page which is christened as a “weblog”, please take the time to smile. Smile with jubilance and exuberance that begs to escape the stiffness of upper lip, locked in place by the rapidity of the world’s woes.

Smile, smile and from the depths of your lungs, roar out with laughter.


This is my old account.

2 thoughts on “O Brave New World!

  1. Everything is nothing as well nothing is everything.
    Nothing or everything are just only appear in our mind. When our mind happy, then world will be happy too.
    Like a smile, happiness can be a practice. Sometimes the mind takes the initiative to smile and sometimes wehave to allow the body (mouth) to take the initiative to smile…
    I have a good blog reference, a teacher blog’s. All his article need “special interpretation”…

  2. Thank you for the link.
    And also for the comment. Everything and nothing are welcomed in here.
    Haha… yeah.

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