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Push Button To Cross Sweet Home

Or: I Can’t Be Bothered To Write Something SEO-Worthy

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The Span of A Day

24 hours is the length of time established by the Creator as the course of one day. No more, no less. Exact and precise. Deemed enough to withhold the myriad of human activities; the hustle and bustle, the malaise and malady, the pomp and circumstance of individuals, groups, societies, countries, and nations.

16 hours is the approximate time when a human is awake. Deemed enough to pray, work, eat, laugh, love, be merry, be aghast, be sad, be human.

12 hours is the mark of midday and midnight. A time when tides change from ebb to flow, and from flow to ebb. The time of absolute light and heat, also a time of absolute darkness and frost.

8 hours is a third of day. The first of which spent in mortal pursuits; wealth, desire, survival-bathed in the waters of possibility and clothed in the fabric of immediacy. The second of which spent in either leisure or endeavour-within the comfort of hearth and home, or the vigour of industry. The last of which is a time for sleep which silence paves way for dreams-also a time best spent preparing for a journey which trancends time itself; a return, a homecoming, a wish for home.

2,5 hours is the estimate amount of time dedicated to five series of worship, each centered on obligations set forth by the Owner of human lives; starting from a call, leading to exaltation, moving to servitude, settling down to remembrance, then perhaps, invocation.

1 hour is a span of 60 minutes, demarcating the greater events of a whole 24-be it for productivity, proclivity, leisure, or perhaps cacophony; each a vessel for a destination.

30 minutes is a time could be well spent for lovemaking; perhaps the summation of romance or arguably, the pinnacle of lust. Enough said.

15 minutes is a time better spent making a good cup of coffee, perhaps accompanied by toffee or pastries-whichever strikes your fancy.

3 minutes is the time spent each night to read a concatenation consisting of several surahs, verses, remembrances and prayer before the closing of yes and surrender to the Life Bringer.

I’m tired, but I’ve not given up hope.
May my next 24 hours be an improvement over my previous.


Note: This writing is inspired by a CouchSurfing Writers Club meeting which theme was “Hari”, under the umbrella theme of “Waktu”.

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A More Weighted Equilibrium

A well-rounded view of the world might be unattainable for every man. Additionally, every person has their own unique worldview that is made up from cumulative knowledge and experience. This makes society a vast cobweb of unique personal viewpoints stringed together by means of communication.

Come Rawls to once again suggest a streamlining process. This time in the form of another equilibrium.

I say; great.

Now if only the limbic system would be more accommodative.. or is it already?
I call upon you: Neuro-linguistic programming!

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