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Into the Fold

So recently joined another writing group. It’s a group that focuses on 5 less-popular literary genres in Indonesia: fantasy, action, mystery, thriller, and science-fiction (abbreviated as FAMTS). They mainly write on Wattpad, and they seem to have weekly activities such as games, reviews, and discussions. The thing is, it’s a closed group. I had to go through a week’s worth of activities to be admitted as a member. But I’m not complaining.

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Play Beget Stories

In one of the writing groups I’m in, a question was asked, “How are the lives in your stories going?” Now, I personally interpret “lives” as characters. So without giving anything away, some lives are figuring out their place in my fictional universe.

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I’ve Just Learned That There’s a Restaurant Named Ad Hoc

Watching a video of this girl who lives in her car makes me realise that we can adjust our personal notion of creature comforts. This is especially true after having a kid. Mind you, I feel guilty when I use my toddler as a crutch when it comes to my latest shortcomings. But having been the beneficiary of a wife who listens to many great self-improvement audiobooks, I reckon that I should be able to make do with the ad hoc arrangements in our home.

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Not Another Declaration!

I’ve been staring at a blank page for many moons. There was an itch, but no actual words coming out, bleeding unto the page. It seems that there’s this invisible wall that held me back from transmuting my soul into words on but digital canvas.
Sometimes it’s the lack of flame: that burning desire to construct coherent thoughts, and at times, arguments, the presents itself well to whoever will read my two cents.

Now mind you, I don’t consider myself a blogger. I don’t consider myself a professional writer. But merely, an aspirant.

Then, I came across two things.

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Expect Rain at 7 AM

I’m swimming in frustration

Between the latent whirligigs outside and the nagging inside

I’m swimming in frustration

Between the voice I acquired then and the voice I’m acquiring now

I’m swimming in frustration

Between the hourly highs and lows of the see-saw that I bear

I’m swimming in frustration

Between the solace of darkest night and the dread of dawn

There is a space where the world is mine oyster

Then I look at my phone

It says, “Expect Rain at 8 AM”

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I Think, Therefore I Speak or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Figure Out Voice Recognition

There are so many excuses as to why someone stops writing or take a long hiatus. In my case, at first, it was marriage (or rather, the bliss of it). Lately, it has become my toddler
There were so many times when I wanted to write but couldn’t because I had to look after my baby. I had to keep him from not only injuring himself but also from being dirty and generally keep him from being a further nuisance to me and my wife than he already is. I think most parents know that having a kid is taxing and the fatigue keeps them from writing. But then, I found a solution which I hadn’t thought of using before. And the thing is, it’s been there for quite some time! That solution, dear readers, is voice recognition.

As with any other method of writing, there are so many Kinks to iron out when using voice recognition. For instance, I might say one thing and the phone picks up another thing and there’s also the issue of speaking punctuations because as much as technology has advanced, speech recognition still can’t pick up on intonations as cues for certain punctuation marks. That being said, it still feels more intuitive. At least it does for me, withstanding my situation.

So After figuring out how voice recognition work, I set out a production pipeline. First, I try to speak as much as I can on the phone (yes, I write on my phone because of how sucky windows recognition is on my Windows laptop). Then, after I finish editing the text, I add punctuations and whatnot (thank heavens for Grammarly!).
It’s been working great so far!

In fact, this blog entry is a product of phone dictation. As I’m quite happy with how this turned out, I might keep doing this in the future.