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A Megaphone In The Closet Is Worth Two In The Lobby

I guess that sometimes bloggers just write to “keep it sharp”. This is especially true after significant pauses in writing. But after being away from the keyboard for some time, writing down a blog post can be rather daunting. In my case, it seems that I’ve run out of things to say.

But that sounds like hogwash, doesn’t it?

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Bloody Apricots!

Well, not apricots with blood on them. That would be quite unsightly.

Rather, I find the sudden urge to explain why I use pictures of apricots to represent myself online… despite not a single soul actually urging me to do so. It’s just an idea that popped up in a random “aha” moment at odd hours of the night while taking turns with the missus to watch over our lovely little mister and attend to his needs when beckoned through the use of gestures, facial expressions, and various styles of crying: including (but not limited to) the soft cry, the loud cry, and the “eh, eh, eh” cry (which is usually followed by the loud cry).

Right, back on the topic of apricots.

You see, the word “apricot” starts with the letter “a”… which incidentally, is the same letter that starts off my name. And since my first and last name both start with the same letter, that very letter takes on a mythical stature in the alphabetic pantheon within my mind.

The thing is, I’ve never eaten an apricot in my entire life!

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I can’t fully understand the gears and cogs of how a person could master a language. But in terms of my command over the English language, I suppose it’s the constant exposure and a considerable leg up from my childhood years in the Old Country.

Now that I’m in the New World (albeit for a limited time), I find that I need to brush up on the finer social dimensions of the language… Though perhaps such are features of the geographical society instead of pure linguistics.

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The Things That Made You, You, Have Left You To Your Own Devices In Shaping Your You-ness Yourself

You-ing you yourself.

Or, I can’t be bothered to write a clickbaity blog post at the time when blog posts are like the articles you’d find on zergnet, and longreads become a “thing”, instead of the norm.

But I suppose it’s partially my fault, as my own devices have ushered me into the habit of finding clickbaity articles to be so clickable… while reading it becomes the reading equivalent of channel surfing.

Alas! Poor Literacy, I used to know him well!

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Nonbastard walks to town and sees Bastard

Oi you bastard! You’re a bastardy
bastard who bastardizes a bastardly

Bastard turns to look at Nonbastard

Oi you Nonbastard! Your
nonbastardly ways are so
nonbastardly, that you’re so
nonbastardly nonbastard, you
nonbastardly Nonbastard!


Note: I’ve been watching too much Law & Order: UK!